The Starseeds

The Starseeds started off as a quirky, off the wall rock band in 1995. We played the circuit in London, which resulted in a lot of interest from record companies (whatever that means). We wound up recording some material with Sundays producer Dave Anderson.

We also recorded experimental ambient music on the side. Some of it produced by Duncan Bridgeman (1 Giant Leap). Somehow, a tape found it’s way to Beyond Records and their US sister label Waveform. They put one of our tracks on a compilation album called “Two AD” (which sold 60.000 copies) and suggested that we do an album in the same style and they would release it. So we did. But when the album was finished they had changed their mind. So we were depressed and after that sent out some tapes. We got an offer from Millennium Records straight away who promised to release the album within 8 weeks. It took 1.5 years for the album to come out, which has cured me forever of relying on release dates. Reactions were very positive though and it was worth the wait.

Regina (the other Starseed) and I decided to work on a 2nd album, which turned out ok, but could have been better. Maybe I’ll re-work it one day (I must be crazy). Personal differences and difficult band/Record Company relations finally took their toll.
I left the duo in 2001 and focussed on the Martina Topley-Bird album. Regina is
recording a third Starseeds album in New York, bits of which she’s played me
over the phone. Sounds promising...