The Starseeds Discography

Behind The Sun CD-Single/12” Vinyl (UK/Europe) June 96
Parallel Life CD-Single/12” Vinyl (UK/Europe) May 97
Timequakes CD-Single/12” Vinyl (UK/Europe) July 97
Parallel Life CD ALBUM/ Double Vinyl (UK/Europe) August 97
Heavensairportcoffeeshoprestaurant CD Single/12” Vinyl(UK/Europe) August 98
Parallel Life CD-Album Re-release (UK/Europe) October 98
VIDEO “Parallel Life” MTV USA/UK/Europe
Starman (taken from album CD single/12”vinyl, (UK/Europe) June 2000. “There is Enough…”
Album “There Is Enough For Everyone” Nov. 2000
Parallel Life CD-Single/12”Vinyl (USA/Canada) November 98
Parallel Life CD Album/Double Vinyl (USA/Canada) January 99
Heavensairport coffeeshoprestaurant CD single/12” June’99
Two AD USA Waveform Records “Behind The Sun”
Three AD USA Waveform Records “Regina From The Future”
Jellyfish Amb. Dub Vol.4 UK/Europe Beyond Records “Regina From The Future”
Feed Your Head Worldwide Planet Dog Rec. “Parallel Life”/
Fantastico France Barometre Rec. “Parallel Life”
Spiritual Techno France Fairway Rec. “Regina From The Future”
Atmospheric D&B Vol2 UK/Europe Millennium Rec. “Parallel Life”
Atmos. D&B Vol 3 UK/Europe Millennium Rec. “Timequakes”
Naturally Stoned UK/Europe Millennium Rec. “Timequakes”
Eternally Alive Vol.4 UK/Europe Millennium Rec. “Parallel Life”
Downbeat Divas 2 Japan United GRUVS “Parallel Life”
Ibiza Vibes Israel JOJO Rec. “Parallel Life”
3am Eternal Worldwide Sony Rec.
Ultrasuoni Italy Ultrasuoni Magazine
Acid Jazz Italy Acid Jazz Magazine “Parallel Life”
Feed your Head 4 UK/USA Planet Dog Rec “Gobi Underwater”
Ambient Soho UK/Europe Mill. Rec “Experimental Reclining