musical influences


As a producer it is important for me to work closely with the artist and to discover and support what they want. I basically work for the artist in the way that I would want a producer to work with me’.
He started off as a guitarist and later lead singer in heavy industrial bands in Germany, contributed music for experimental performance theatre projects and also worked as an engineer in various recording studios. He went to a different extreme in the early 90s in London, retreating to the chill-out area of his career with the duo The Starseeds. He gained further experience as a live sound engineer as well as producing/recording other bands in his own recording studio. Even though he worked a lot for other bands, his own music has always taken priority. (Collaborations see Space Eko)
In 1999 Nick Bird and Steve Crittall introduced him to Martina Topley-Bird and the four of them started working in Alex’ studio on what later became the Martina album Quixotic. In the course of the project Alex got the chance to work with the likes of Tricky, Stuart Copeland, Josh Homme and Mark Lanegan (Queens Of The Stone Age), as well as Real World master mixer Tchad Blake. The work with Tricky includes engineering a soundtrack in LA for the Hollywood movie “Bad Company” (Anthony Hopkins),
After the completion of Martina’s album he now mainly focuses on his new project “The Future Shape Of Sound”, but still finds time to co-write/produce for other projects.