The Future Shape Of Us
Even though this is a music site please allow me to change the subject…
What do you think will the future shape of humans be 500 years from now?
Considering gene technology and gene therapy will likely be commercially available as part of
our mainstream lifestyle, how will that reflect in our physical form? I would assume that the
ageing/death gene would be the most commercially exploited. Initially cloaked in the respectable
dress of health care, this aspect really caters to human vanity. Ageing and its inevitable consequence
is one of our greatest fears, and has been the one thing that was always beyond our control.
With new gene technology, will an average lifespan of 200 years be possible? Life expectancy has
steadily increased over time, but with recent advances in biotechnology, it is not inconceivable that
this dramatic extension of human life will be within our grasp.
If this technology is introduced into our world, will we eventually separate into two distinct races?
Those who choose to use gene therapy and those who don’t, most likely because they can’t afford it?
Will the affluent look incredibly beautiful, strong, young, intelligent and virtually free of disease due
to their improved gene pool and will the poor become genetic underdogs? Will there be accidents
and anomalies along the way before the technology is perfected? When will it be considered truly
“safe” and by who’s definition?
If you have any thoughts about these questions, feel free to send me an email.
I want to include them on the album sleeve. If you have any theories about the future shape of other
things, let me know them as well.